The Dragon Warrior Duology

The Dragon Warrior

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Author: Katie Zhao

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The Dragon Warrior

Born into San Francisco’s exclusive Jade Society, 12-year-old Faryn Liu longs to become a powerful warrior. But since their father disappeared, Faryn and her brother have been forbidden from training and must hone their skills in secret. When a real life demon crashes the Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown, Faryn helps to defeat it. Could Faryn be the legendary Heaven Breaker, a fabled warrior able to wield a celestial weapon and command an army of dragons? To prove herself, Faryn must find the gods’ hidden island before the Lunar New Year ends. Oh, and if she fails, the whole world could be doomed. Your young readers will be delighted by this magical new tale that draws on Chinese mythology to weave a rich story full of heart, humor, and adventure. Ages 8-12. 343pp.

The Fallen Hero

Reeling from her defeat at the hands of a conniving goddess, Faryn Liu returns to Manhattan’s Chinatown. With war brewing, she and her half-dragon friend, Ren, launch into training. She has to figure out a way to defeat the Heaven Breaker, a powerful adversary who wields the unbeatable Fenghuang spear, before it’s too late. When Faryn learns of a weapon that can stand up to the Fenghuang’s might, she embarks on a dangerous journey that will take her into Diyu, the Underworld, to find the infamous Monkey King. Convincing him to help in the battle might be the only way to stop a war and save the brother she loves. Your young readers will be on the edge of their seats as Chinese mythology comes to life in Faryn’s second daring adventure. Ages 8-12. 336pp.