Silver Sorceress of Oz


Author: Atticus Gannaway


Illustrator: Jason Chin


This limited edition is limited to 350 numbered copies, and features an exclusive extra plate, signed by the author and artist!

Oz is filled with many amazing peoples, all living under the benevolent rule of Princess Ozma. Aided by her friends, Dorothy, the Wizard, and Glinda the Good, the beautiful Princess insures that all her subjects are happy and safe.

But hidden away to the south of the Emerald City is Sonora, the Silver Sorceress. Nearly as powerful as Glinda, the Silver Sorceress has hidden her existence for centuries. But gnawing away at her is the loss of her greatest creation, the enchanted Silver Hammer. When a magical means to find her long lost treasure comes along, she is determined to regain it. There's just one problem -- it's carefully locked away with all of Ozma's magical treasures in the heart of her palace. 

Sonora sneaks into the palace using her silver sorcery to hide her presence. But Ozma and her friends are not so easily fooled. As on plan after another to regain her treasure is foiled, the Silver Sorceress becomes ever more desperate and angry.

Meanwhile, back in America, a young lad named Trent is having troubles of his own when he suddenly finds himself magically transported to Oz. How he, Dorothy, and the rest of Ozma's faithful friends team up to stop the Silver Sorceress before she puts all of Oz in danger makes for a suspenseful, high-spirited adventure.