The School for Good and Evil Six-Book Set w/ FREE The Ever Never Handbook

School for Good and Evil


Author: Soman Chainani


Purchase the entire School for Good and Evil series and receive a FREE hardcover copy of The Ever Never Handbook!

Welcome to a dazzling new world, where the only way to ace your fairy tale classes…is to live through and survive them! When best friends Sophie (princess wannabe) and Agatha (witchy loner) are seized and dropped off at the School for Good and Evil they find all their expectations turned upside down when Sophie’s dumped in the School for Evil and must take Uglification and Henchmen Training classes, while Agatha finds herself attending Princess Etiquette and Animal Communication at the School for Good. And that’s just the start of this epic six-volume series! Your young princesses and princes, witches and henchman will find themselves thoroughly bewitched by this incredibly inventive and original series as they find themselves needing to re-examine all their presumptions about good and evil.