Promotional Poster for a Re-Release of Walt Disney's Bambi


[DISNEY]. Promotional Poster for a Re-Release of Walt Disney’s Bambi. Color pictorial poster, folded in half, which measures 21“ x 14“ when unfolded. On front is a b&w still from the film with a banner proclaiming “Advertised in LIFE” and on the rear is an advertisement for the pending 1947 second release of the film, including a quote from the 1942 Time Magazine review of the original 1942 release. The poster itself is a composite of beautiful full color images from the animated film with the title boldly printed across it. This was designed to be mailed to theaters to get them to book the upcoming release.

A promotional poster issued for the 1947 re-release of the Walt Disney classic, Bambi. Featuring all of the beloved characters from the classic film on a full-color promotional poster, this is a wonderful item of Disney memorabilia from the studio’s golden age. A treasure for any animated film collector.