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MARTIN, Dick. The Ozmopolitan Game. 57 cards and a 4 page instruction booklet. Booklet had light green paper wrappers with a color pictorial label affixed to front. Cards and booklet housed in a plastic bag. In fine condition.

An Oz card game created by Oz artist Dick Martin featuring 57 playing cards with his original illustrations. Dick Martin, who illustrated the 40th Oz book, Merry Go Round in Oz in 1963, had been retained by the Chicago Playing Card Collectors Club to design card sets for them and sometimes got them to include in the printing contracts permission to print Oz-related items as part of his projects. It is likely this card game was a result of one of those “additional” projects. Many have mis-cataloged this item as having something to do with the Oz book that Dick Martin wrote and illustrated for The International Wizard of Oz Club in 1986, but that was title The Ozmapolitan, while the game is The Ozmopolitan, with an “O” not an “A” after the “M” and the card game seems to be roughly from at least a decade earlier.