Watcher in the Shadows


Artist: Mark Edward Geyer


Original artwork from the interior of The Watcher in the Shadows by Mark Edward Geyer.

Mark Edward Geyer is best known as the illustrator of Stephen Kings Rose Madder and The Green Mile. Mark is currently illustrating two middle-grade series for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: The Inquisitors Apprentice and The Shakespeare Mysteries. He is also illustrating a 30th Anniversary Edition of Pet Sematary for PS Publishing in the UK. Book Page says, Mark Edward Geyers illustrations are beautiful and add even more depth to the story. Publishers Weekly says, Mark Edward Geyers illustrations lend old-fashioned atmosphere. Mark comes from a line of French Canadian artists. He received his college degree in Studio Art from Florida State University in 1979. In addition to book illustration, Mark has worked in several different genres: fine art, architectural rendering, advertising, and editorial illustration. His clients include Advertising Age, Chicago Tribune, Hallmark Cards, Doubleday, Scribner, Viking Penguin, Dutton Signet, Harcourt Childrens Books, Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, Subterranean Press, and PS Publishing. Mark has been chosen by Rotring, the German pen-maker, to be an ambassador for their products.