Mystery for Mr. Bass Book Cover


Artist: Leonard Shortall


SHORTALL, Leonard. A Mystery for Mr. Bass Book Cover. Original gauche on board. Image measures 7.5” x 9.25” on a 11” x 13.25” board. Initialed by the artist, Leonard Shortall, at the lower right.

Original illustration for the cover of A Mystery for Mr. Bass by Eleanor Cameron [NY: Little, Brown, 1958]. The cover illustration for the fourth book in Eleanor Cameron’s five-volume series about The Mushroom Planet created by artist Leonard Shortall who is also well-known for illustrating many of the classic Encyclopedia Brown books. This delightful illustration features Tyco Bass of the Mushroom Planet descending from his spaceship and perfectly captures the combination of fun, humor, 1950’s sci-fi, and magic that made these books so irresistible!