Master Key


Author: L. Frank Baum

Illustrator: Nick Bruel


Young Rob Joslyn is a natural born inventor. He is forever creating one electrical device after another -- much to the delight of his proud father and the consternation of his harried mother. Then one day, while wiring a particularly difficult invention, Rob accidentally crosses several wires and unwittingly touches the Master Key of Electricity, thus summoning the great Demon of Electricity -- an immortal genie who must obey Rob's commands.

The genie gives to Rob many fantastic powers -- all through the incredible and as hitherto unknown powers of electricity. With electrical power to protect him, nourish him and allow him to fly, Rob is off to the four corners of the world on one astonishing adventure after another.

Filled with excitement, humor and adventure, The Master Key is another gem from the treasure trove of L. Frank Baum's boundless imagination.

The Master Key was first published in 1901, just one year after Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This fun-filled, science-fantasy adventure was unobtainable for many years, until this edition was produced -- highlighted by Nick Bruel's more than 35 lively black-and-white illustrations -- to delight a whole new generation of readers.