Jan Brett Holiday Bundle

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Author: Jan Brett


Illustrator: Jan Brett

December is a perfect time to bundle up with some particularly cozy picture books, which is why we're so pleased to offer a special bundle of marvelous author-illustrator JAN BRETT's cold weather classics accompanied by two wonderful extra treats! The extra special JAN BRETT BUNDLE consists of a signed copy of her latest picture book, Cozy, a signed copy of last year's The Tale of the Tiger Slippers, and her beloved classic, The Mitten with a special signed Jan Brett bookplate. Also in the bundle is a 21" x 20" signed full color poster of Cozy and a full color cloth tote bag for The Tale of the Tiger Slippers (both pictured below). These three picture books, together with this beautiful tote bag and poster, make a wonderful gift for both children and adults alike. All for just $55.99!



Cozy is the softest musk ox in Alaska. When a storm hits and he is separated from his family, Cozy starts to feel lonely – but not for long. As the snow piles up, animals start to notice how warm and comfy he looks. One mama lemming has a bright idea – maybe the best place to spend the winter is under Cozy’s fur. Soon a hare, then a snowy owl, an arctic fox, and even a wolverine seek shelter with Cozy. As more and more creatures nestle into Cozy's soft coat, how is he to keep peace as the long winter progresses? Your young readers and listeners will delight in this tale of unlikely cooperation and friendship, captured in Jan Brett’s lovely illustrations highlighting the beauty of the Alaskan wild under the Northern Lights. Ages 3-7. 32pp. 


The Mitten*


A little boy loses his mitten in the snow, but the little creatures of the forest – one by one – take refuge inside to stay warm. But how much can one mitten hold? When a bear comes along and decides to join all his forest friends, he forces the mitten to stretch too far – sending all the animals flying off in a hilarious cacophony of fur and wool! Your young readers will adore this classic Ukrainian folk tale, beautifully captured in Jan Brett’s lush watercolors. Ages 3-8. 32pp.


The Tale of the Tiger Slippers

Set in India, this gorgeous reimagining of the classic Middle Eastern folk tale “Abu Kassem’s Slippers” features a poor tiger cub who is a very hard worker. His mother weaves him slippers to protect his feet from stones and thorns, and they allowed him to prosper—first making bricks, then building houses, and eventually becoming very wealthy. He continues to wear them until someone questions why such a prominent person would wear such worn shoes. Feeling embarrassed, Tiger tries to get rid of the slippers, but fate keeps bringing them back. Finally, Tiger sends them to his uncle, who weeps with pride when he sees the slippers his sister made and his nephew used to accomplish so much. He sets off right away to visit them, bringing the slippers along. Tiger can’t believe the slippers are back again, but his little cub gives him an idea: honor the slippers by building a special place for them, to remind him of how far he’s come. Your young readers will laugh at Tiger’s frustration as the slippers come back again and again, only to cheer when Tiger comes up with the right solution! Ages 3-8. 32pp.