The Lion & the Mouse


Author: Jerry Pinkney

Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney

2010 Caldecott Medal Winner!

Aesop's fable of the lion and the mouse has captivated children and adults alike for thousands of years, but nothing can compare to acclaimed artist Jerry Pinkney's brilliant, lush, wordless version of this timeless tale. Set in the African Serengeti (where better to find a lion?), this story begins with a mother mouse escaping an owl, only to find she has disturbed a mighty lion. The lion, taking pity on the small mouse, sets her free, only to soon become ensnared himself in a poacher's net. Now, seeing her chance to repay the great lion's mercy, the mouse gnaws through the ropes and sets him free, bringing this moving story about courage and gratitude to a happy conclusion.

Pinkney's vibrant, evocative watercolors capture each scene in vivid detail. No words are necessary, for each picture conveys far more than the proverbial thousand words. From the stunning front cover painting of the lion's face to the endearing back cover of the intrepid mouse, each image is masterfully portrayed. Pinkney's genius is truly revealed in these incredible paintings that capture the grandeur of the jungle, the power of the lion, and the boldness of the mouse.

You and your young readers and listeners will pour over these pages again and again, discovering new details and delights, as you share in this classic fable's inspiring message that we all need each other and that even the mightiest among us may be helped by the smallest. 

Ages 3 — 8
32 pages