Captain Salt, Handy Mandy, Silver Princess, and Ozoplaning

The Wizard of Oz

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Author: Ruth Plumly Thompson

Illustrator: John R Neill

Collect the Ruth Plumly Thompson set of the continuing journeys in the wonderful world OZ at special price.

Captain Salt #30
King Ato the Eighth and Roger the Read Bird are at home on Octagon Island; Roger reads to his master while Ato scans the horizon, looking for Captain Samuel Salt and his ship the Crescent Moon. The Captain was supposed to return for them six months after their last adventure; but three years, eleven months, and 26 days have passed, before the Captain finally shows up.
Changes have occurred in Salt's situation. He is a pirate no longer, but now the official Explorer and Discoverer Extraordinary to the Crown of Oz. And he has replaced the troublesome crew of his ship with magical mechanisms that allow him to sail it virtually on his own. He can still use a cook, though; and Ato is happy to take up his old job. Ato, Roger, and the Captain sail off for discovery and adventure.

Handy Mandy #31
Here is another of Thompson's delightful Oz books in handsome, oversized paperback editions, each illustrated with 100 or more black-and-white pictures by John R. Neill.
Meet Handy Mandy, a girl with seven hands-- each with its own special abilities! Accidentally sent to Oz (thanks to an exploding mountain spring) Mandy helps Nox the Royal Ox rescue King Kerry from his ruthless captors!

Silver Princess in Oz #32
King Randy of Regalia is frustrated and bored with the endless ceremony of his royal routine. When his old friend Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant arrives for a visit, the two quickly decide on an excursion through the countryside. After odd encounters in Gaper Gulch and the Headlands, they are blown across the Deadly Desert in a ferocious storm. (Kabumpo's raingear acts as a sail in the storm, and a parachute upon landing.) They land in Ix, and head toward Ev to visit their old friend Jinnicky the Red Jinn.

Ozoplaning with teh Wizard of Oz #33
The Wizard, Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow fly off in the Wizard's new Ozoplanes to explore new fairy kingdoms, while Jellie Jamb, the Tin Woodman, and Soldier with Green Whiskers are accidentally sent rocketing up to the magical kingdom of Stratovania. With over 130 black adn white illustrations.