Classic Fairy Tale Board Books

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Illustrator: Frances Brundage, Bertha Boyd

The Three Bears

The Three Bears, and Goldilocks, are both in for quite a surprise when the bears return home and find her asleep in their cottage! This beautifully illustrated, classic take with capture children's interest as they turn pages to confirm that it all ends well (which it does).

Kittens and Puppies

Kittens and puppies get into all sorts of harmless trouble, from playing in the laundry basket to getting an unwanted bath. Children will laugh at (and related) to the funny predicaments that young cats and dogs get themselves into in this delightfully illustrated picture book. 

At the Zoo

Meet the animal families that live at the zoo in the rhyming story. From bear cubs to zebra foals, children will enjoy recognizing and identifying all the various animal parents and babies at the zoo in this lovingly illustrated children's book

The Three Little Pigs

In this beloved tale each little pig is confident that his house is the strongest. But whose really is? And what happens to the wolf? Children will be delighted with the humor and suspense in this beautifully illustrated children's classic.