Set of Illustrated Baum Tales


Author: L. Frank Baum

Illustrator: Multiple

A wonderful set of three with new illustrators. In this set you'll find The Master Key illustrated by Nick Bruel, Dot and Tot of Merryland illustrated by Donald Abbott, and The Enchanted Island of Yew illustrated by George O'Connor. 


Young Rob Joslyn is a natural born inventor. He is forever creating one electrical device after another -- much to the delight of his proud father and the consternation of his harried mother. Then one day, while wiring a particularly difficult invention, Rob accidentally crosses several wires and unwittingly touches the Master Key of Electricity, thus summoning the great Demon of Electricity -- an immortal genie who must obey Rob's commands.

The genie gives to Rob many fantastic powers -- all through the incredible and as hitherto unknown powers of electricity. With electrical power to protect him, nourish him and allow him to fly, Rob is off to the four corners of the world on one astonishing adventure after another.


Join young Dot and her friend Tot as their boat is swept down the river through a hidden tunnel into Merryland – a fairyland of Seven Valleys, each with its own unique magic and people. From the Valley of the Clowns to the Valley of Candy People to the Valley of Babies, Dot and Tot are entranced by the wonders they find. Then they meet the Queen of Merryland – a beautiful Wax Doll – who joins them on their journey. But can the Queen ever allow Dot and Tot to leave her enchanted realm and risk the outside world discovering its secret?


When a beautiful young female fairy has her own wish granted, she is magically transformed into a boy - the handsome Prince Marvel - for just one year! Setting out on a thrilling journey of magic, excitement, and adventure, he travels from one fantastic kingdom to the next, encountering such challenges as the devious King of Thieves, the frightening King Terribus and his Royal Dragon, the enchanted land of Twi - where everyone has a twin and it is a crime to be singular, and the villainous, wizardly Red Rogue of Dawna.