Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There


Author: Lewis Carroll

Illustrator: Barry Moser


CARROLL, Lewis. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There. Illustrated by Barry Moser. Preface and Notes by James R. Kincaid. Text edited by Selwyn Goodacre. West Hatfield, MA: Pennyroyal Press, 1982. 2 volumes; Elephant Folios; [vi] 152pp. and xxvi 170pp. Volume 1: Purple three-quarter leather with marbled boards. Volume 2: Maroon three-quarter leather with pictorial boards. Volume 1: decorative endpapers; b&w woodblock engravings throughout. Volume 2: Dark gray endpapers; b&w engravings throughout. Each volume comes accompanied by an extra set of all of the engravings (every engraving signed by the artist, Barry Moser) as well as the prospectus for that volume, laid into a linen-covered clamshell case with leather spine matching that volume’s leather spine. Both volumes and suites of engravings are in very fine condition, housed in original cloth clamshell cases (each case having a light brown stain on the outer fore-edge measuring 2-3 inches from the base). Signed and numbered by the artist, Barry Moser in each volume in addition to all 170 individual engravings!


First Barry Moser-illustrated edition, being #153/350 signed and numbered copies. These two wonderful editions by esteemed master woodblock engraver, Barry Moser, were the first two books produced by his now legendary Pennyroyal Press. Each volume is a masterpiece of design, engraving, and fine printing, magnificently showcasing the artist’s delicate woodcuts in a way that the much smaller reprints done later fail to capture. Dark and whimsical, Moser’s vision was a far cry from Tenniel’s well known little blonde girl. Moser’s Alice is a mischievous brunette with a piercing gaze. The extra sets of 75 engravings for Alice and 95 engravings for Through the Looking-glass – each and every one of which is signed by Moser – comprise each and every illustration in the two books and makes this a truly remarkable set of Carroll’s classics! Perhaps one of the most lavish and handsome editions of these two novels ever to be produced!