Death is My Ride or Die (Paperback)

The Death Chronicles


Death is My Ride or Die (Paperback) will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is September 17, 2024

Author: Katarina E. Tonks


Estimated Ship Date: September 17, 2024

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Death Is My Ride or Die, the second book in Katarina E. Tonks’s thrilling Death Chronicles series, picks up immediately after the events of Death is My BFF. Faith and Death, now separated, must reunite and tackle an even bigger evil: Ahrimad.

When all hell breaks loose, you might as well join the party.

Faith Williams has managed to escape the clutches of Death and the gates of hell. But when she discovers she is the only one who can read the Book of the Dead, she realizes why her soul is so valuable to the forces of evil. Suddenly, someone Faith loves is stolen from her, bringing her back to the Devil’s door.

To stop a common enemy, Faith is forced to team up with her irresistible but villainous “friend,” Death. Fighting alongside the enemy quickly becomes a dangerous game of saving the mortal realm while fighting forbidden feelings for each other.  

In the face of the epic battle that will wage in her wake, Faith must determine who is good, and who is evil—even if the line has blurred.

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