19 Love Songs


Author: David Levithan

This playlist is all about love.

No love song is exactly the same as the one that came before it. We all bring our different tunes, and see how they harmonize. There's the heartsick pop of a sarcastic high school quiz bowl alternate with an unrequited crush.

There's the gentle lullaby of Valentine's Day as seen through the eyes of a child who changes bodies every day. There's the tentative melody of two boys just getting to know each other, stranded on a snow day.

There's a joy of a choir singing Katy Perry and the surprise bridge when a guy discovers his boyfriend has a secret Taylor Swift fandom.

In 19 Love Songs, David Levithan makes a mixtape of stories, verse, and illustrations, featuring characters from his novels Every Day, Two Boys Kissing, and Boy Meets Boy, as well as plenty of new characters discovering the ways their hearts can sing.