Space Torah: Astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman's Cosmic Mitzvah


Author: Rachelle Burk


Illustrator: Craig Orback

*Signed Bookplate*

The exciting, true story of astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman and the Torah he took to space.

As a child, Jeff's head was often in the clouds.

As an astronaut, he journeyed far beyond them. On his final mission, Jeff brought a miniature Torah into orbit for an out-of-this-world Shabbat celebration!

In Space Torah, a picture book biography of astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman, young readers learn of Jeff's path to becoming an astronaut and see the many ways in which he connected his love of Judaism and his love of outer space. From bringing his Bar Mitzvah prayer book on one mission to spinning a dreidel in mid-air on another, Jeff shows young readers the joy of being Jewish . . . in space!