Suppose You Met a Witch


Author: Ed Emberley

Illustrator: Iain Serraillier

For those who are fed up with benign cookie-baking witches, Emberley's Grimblegrum "astride her broom o' beech" or "galloping, gulping 'Gobble you yet, I'll gobble you yet!' " should prove a high-powered Halloween read-aloud. 

An Ed Emberley classic brought back to life for the first time since 1973. 

Would you like to meet a witch? What would happen if she popped you into a sack and stole you away? In illustrating Ian Serraillier’s striking poem, Ed Emberley shows us what took place when such a thing happened to two clever and resourceful children. Anthology is thrilled to present 1973’s Suppose You Met a Witch, a beautiful and wondrous book that lets us all experience what it must be like to be under a witch’s spell.