Truffle: A Dog (and Cat) Story


Author: David McPhail

This is the story of a little dog who had difficulties with cats, until the day that everything changed.

Truffle, a small dog, was born and raised on a farm, where he was put in charge of keeping the

rats out of the barn, and the badgers out of the fields. Truffle enjoyed his work, and he took pride

in doing it well. The only difficulty he had was with cats.

Nothing irritated Truffle more than the sight of a cat sleeping on the job while the mice ate their

fill in the corncrib. Truffle would howl loudly, waking the cat, which then would dash off with

Truffle close behind!

He never actually caught the cat, and he would not harm it if he did. It was all about the chase.

Truffle enjoyed his work, but he felt that something was missing in his life. So, he left the farm

to search for those missing pieces.