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Sky Ropes

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Author: Sondra Soderborg


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For fans of The War That Saved My Life and Wolf Hollow, this fast-paced and unforgettable story follows one girl's journey to overcome her trauma, discover what friendship really means, and learn that being brave is not always about being fearless.
Breanna is certain of a few things: She is strong, tough, and the greatest prankster in her entire district. She doesn't need to meet new people, not when she already has amazing friends like Pascale and Niraj.
And she WILL NOT be ascending Sky Ropes—the highest ropes course in the state—at her school's required teambuilding camp. No, she's not afraid of heights!

Breanna is determined to get through the week of camp as quickly as possible, while planning the most epic prank and avoiding even thinking of the Sky Ropes. And as the week progresses, Breanna can't help loving her time in nature, fostering a rivalry with the other competitive softball pitcher, and bonding with the other kids. But as much as she likes to pretend that she isn't afraid of anything, Breanna knows that, come Friday, she will have to face the Sky Ropes—and with it, the fear deeply tied to memories of her father's abuse that she has been fighting to push away.
Emotionally rich and tumultuously paced, Sondra Soderborg's debut novel is a story about opening yourself up to new possibilities, understanding what it means to be a true friend, encountering the most difficult truths about your own self, and finding self-acceptance within darkness.