I Made These Ants Some Underpants!


Author: Derick Wilder


Illustrator: K-Fai Steele

*Signed Bookplate*

The creative team behind Does a Bulldozer Have a Butt? returns with a raucous tale of radical generosity—and custom undies!

What's a kid to do when given a day-of-the-week underwear set—wear Monday's undies on Monday, Tuesday's undies on Tuesday like a rule-following robot?
No sirree bob! He'll cut and craft, snip and sew until every single one of his friends—from an octopus to a piggy bank to, yes, a line of ants—has their own pair of underwear, whether they want them or not. . . .
One boy's valiant attempts to create a pair of underpants for each of his buddies, no matter how imaginary, is a laugh-out-loud testament to the devotion of friendship, the creative muse, and the power of underwear to unite even the least likely of allies—especially on the days you don't want to wear them.

UNIVERSAL, TIMELESS HUMOR: Underpants and underpants-related humor are evergreen themes, and the witty, satisfying rhymes plus the unabashed appeal to the hilarity of underwear make this book irresistible to kids and adults alike.
GREAT READ ALOUD: The rhyme and rhythm of the text make for a great read-aloud book, and with funny illustrations featuring extra jokes, kids will want to revisit this book forever and ever. It's the type of book that never gets old, for parent or child.
CLEVER WORDPLAY AND WARM MESSAGE: This story isn't simply a repetition of the same joke or word. Instead, it's a clever way of using one funny subject in several ways. Its focus on friendship, generosity, and imagination makes it as endearing as it is hilarious.