Hugo's Haunted Handbook


Author: Dave Whamond

A handy guidebook that will help you get rid of your ghost! Or will it?

Got ghosts? Then you’ve come to right book! Hugo is a ghost expert, and he can tell you exactly how to boot out your boo. After all, he got rid of his ghost, no problem!

But has Hugo really gotten rid of his ghost? And are ghosts really that scary? Would it be so bad to keep one around? They might actually be good company if you just give them a chance …

A silly, laugh-out-loud graphic novel for young readers that breaks the fourth wall, Hugo’s Haunted Handbook is a lighthearted look at friendship and the meaning of true companionship. Readers will love the lively relationship between Hugo and his friendly ghost and will come away with the reassurance that one can find friendships in even the most unexpected places.