The Elevator


Author: Yael Frankel, Kit Maude (Translated by)

Every trip changes us, even a trip on the elevator.

A girl and her dog begin their afternoon walk. But before they can get outside to the street, they must take the elevator in their apartment building. She presses the button to go down, but the elevator goes up. Who called it? Is it broken?

As the reader turns the page, every stop brings new characters—from Ms. Paula who’s afraid of dogs, to fussy infant twins, to the building's oldest resident, Mr. Miguel. The story builds as the elevator becomes more and more crowded, and when Ms. Paula shares her cake and Mr. Miguel shares a story about a lonely bear on his birthday, the characters discover what is—and isn’t—worth caring about.

The Elevator is a funny and heartwarming tale of unexpectedly big friendships formed out of a routine encounter in a tiny space. With a fun, elevator-shaped trim size, this picture book makes a wonderful introduction to the power of unexpected encounters, unlikely friendships, and making the most out of what we have.