Sophie's Monster Goes to Shul


Author: Sandy Asher


Illustrator: Alexandra Colombo

*Signed Copies, While Supplies Last!*

A little girl goes to shul with her Bubbe and Zayde ― and the imaginary big blue monster from her closet

"Why are you crying?" Sophie asks the imaginary monster in her closet. "You're not afraid of me anymore," the monster says. "No one else can see or hear me. I need a new job." He follows Sophie to breakfast, out to Bubbe and Zayde's car, and to the shul. At synagogue, Bubbe helps lead the service. "She's kvelling," Sophie says to the monster. "I want to kvell," he says, and they join in the singing. Then Sophie uses her imagination to write a story about her monster. Suddenly, he isn't scary anymore, and he's no longer sitting beside her. He's in the pages of her story and everyone can see him.