The Man Who Lost His Head


The Man Who Lost His Head will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 1, 2024

Author: Claire Huchet Bishop

Illustrator: Robert McCloskey

Estimated Ship Date: October 1, 2024

It's bad news when you wake up in the morning and find you've lost your head, especially if it's an especially agreeable and handsome head, but there you go—such things happen. In any case, the man who loses his head in The Man Who Lost His Head isn't about to grin (that is, if he could grin) and bear it. No, he'll make himself a new one, and starting with a pumpkin and moving on to a parsnip and finally getting a hold of a block of wood, he sets about getting it just right.

Still, for all his efforts, it somehow isn't right. It isn't the head he had before. It turns out that only a brash, bold boy can save the man who lost his head from losing it altogether