Map from Here to There


Map from Here to There will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is January 13, 2020

Author: Emery Lord

Estimated Ship Date: January 13, 2020

It’s senior year, and Paige Hancock is finally living her best life. She has a fun summer job, great friends, and a super charming boyfriend who totally gets her. But senior year also means big decisions. Feeling the weight of “the rest of her life,” Paige starts to panic. How can she leave all this behind next year? In her head, she knows there is so much more to life after high school. But in her heart, is it so terrible to want everything to stay the same forever?
Emery Lord’s signature storytelling shines with loveable characters and heartfelt exploration of life’s most important questions. There will be breakups, makeups, a road trip, and even a wedding. Through it all, can Paige figure out the after part of happily ever after?