1919 The Year That Changed America*


Author: Martin W. Sandler



Looking back over the history of America, some might not realize that 1919 truly was one of its most tumultuous years. With the end of World War I, black soldiers returned home to such violent racism that the summer was dubbed the Red Summer. The suffrage movement finally won their long-fought victory as women got the right to vote.

Fervid nationalism amped up so much that it led to a communism scare. Laborers joined together and walked out of their factories to protest unfair working conditions. And temperance gained such popularity that prohibition was signed into law, outlawing alcohol from being bought and sold in the United States. That’s a lot to happen in one year. But a century later, these social issues are still having an effect on modern-day America. Your young readers will be amazed as they dive back in time to a year in American history that saw incredible strength, unspeakable tragedy, and an unstoppable will to change. Profusely illustrated with historical photographs.