How to Properly Dispose of Planet Earth

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Author: Paul Noth

It's safe to say Happy Conklin Jr. is the only 10-year-old who accidentally sold his entire family to aliens. He did manage to save his familyincluding his tyrannical Grandmabut now the Conklins face a problem that might put the whole world in danger . . .
Hap wants a girl in his sixth-grade science class to be his lab partner but lacks the courage to even talk to her. Through the mysterious powers of his pet lizard, he finds a way to overcome this fearbut also, unfortunately, opens a blackhole in his middle school that will swallow the solar system, unless hes able to stop it. In his race against time to save everything, hes helped by his sister Kayla, greatly hindered by his sister Alice, and uncovers the truth about Grandmas plan to take over the galaxy.