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The Splintered Light

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Author: Ginger Johnson

Ishmael lives a monotonous, colorless existence, helping his mother on their farm after the tragic death of his father. One morning, a ray of light pierces a pane of glass in the barn, fragmenting Ishmael’s gray world into a brilliant spectrum he never knew existed. This unique ability it leads him to the Hall of Hue, one of seven creative workshops at a mysterious place called the Commons.
Now a Color Keeper, Ishmael begins his training: creating landscapes shaped, built, colored, and filled with scent, sound, and taste that become brand new worlds. But when an unexpected conflict threatens the rules of creation, Ishmael must use his extraordinary skill to save a new world from utter disaster. Original and gorgeously crafted, this sweeping story is perfect for fans of Kelly Barnhill and Pam Muñoz Ryan.