Stealing Snow


Author: Danielle Paige

Seventeen-year-old Snow has spent her life in a mental ward—but she isn’t crazy. When a strange orderly tells her to find her destiny, she plots an escape, leaving behind Bale, the only love she’s ever known.
Fighting through an icy forest, Snow finds herself in Algid, far from the real world. There, she meets the River Witch who prophesies Snow will save them from the ruthless King and his frozen land. Not sure who to trust, Snow discovers powers within and a web of magic, lies, and thievery. Torn between village boy Kai, the dark, brooding Jagger, and with Bale never far from her heart, Snow must make choices that will change everything forever.
This New York Times bestselling retelling of “The Snow Queen” begins the epic story of Snow’s rise to villain, queen, and ultimately a hero.