Talent Show

Jasper and Scruff


Author: Nicola Colton

Illustrator: Nicola Colton

When Jasper and Scruff come across a flier for a talent show at the Velvet Theater, they’re very excited. Scruff wants to team up with Jasper, but Jasper is having none of it as he wants the limelight all to himself! The whole town turns out to audition, including the Sophisticats. Scruff impresses the judges at the auditions, however, Jasper fails to make it to the final round. Scruff persuades his friend to take part in his magic act, but on the day of the final round, they start to suspect that the Sophisticats are up to something. Can the friends get to the bottom of the plot—or is the show over for Jasper and Scruff?

Join this unlikely pair as they learn about friendship, determination, and working together.