Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy

Rainbow Magic


Author: Daisy Meadows

Illustrator: Georgie Ripper

It’s summer on Rainspell Island, but evil Jack Frost has stolen Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy’s three magical seashells! Can Kirsty and Rachel help Joy save summer vacation?

Rainspell Island is the perfect place for summer vacation! And Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy makes sure everyone has the best vacation ever. But evil Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen Joy’s three magic seashells. If friends Kirsty and Rachel can’t help Joy find the three magic seashells, summer vacation will be ruined. This special collection includes three chapter books plus a bonus activity to find the hidden letters throughout the book and figure out a surprise vacation word. With a sparkly and shiny cover, this Rainbow Magic special edition is full of magic and summer festivities. Altogether, it's the perfect summer read for Rainbow Magic fans to bring on vacation!

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