Hey! Look at You!


Hey! Look at You! will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is July 30, 2024

Author: Sandra Boynton

Estimated Ship Date: July 30, 2024

Hey! Look At You! is a play book with mirrors galore from the one and only Sandra Boynton!

With mirrors and mooing and more, Hey! Look at You! invites readers to gaze into gigantic, animal-shaped mirrors to see themselves as Boynton’s fan-favorite animals! It’s a barnyard of a good time, whether kids moo like a cow, baa like a sheep, or QUACK QUACK QUACK like A VERY LOUD DUCK! Filled with silliness and heart, this reflective adventure will have readers staring at the page to play again and again.

Oh, little one! Little one!
Look! Look at YOU!
What a fabulous face!
Can you give a big MOO?
(Like this: “MOOOOOOO!”)