The Book That Did Not Want To be Read


Author: David Sundin

Illustrator: David Sundin

Beware! This picture book will do anything in its power to stay unread in this fun, interactive, and irresistibly silly read-aloud perfect for fans of The Book with No Pictures and Press Here.

WARNING! Stop what you’re doing! Don’t you know that this book does not want to be read?

If you try, all sorts of unfortunate things will happen. It will turn into a steering wheel! Letters will go missing! The book will act up and squirm around and grow wings and try to fly away! It will even insert a bunny that has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

A persistent reader might see all kinds of strange and magical things, silly and secret things…But this book just does not want to be read, and it’s better to leave it alone.

...Or is it?