Pretty Ugly


Author: David Sedaris


Illustrator: Ian Falconer

*Signed Bookplates!*

A hilariously quirky monster tale about appreciating beauty—in all its weird and wonderful forms! —  by the creator of the iconic Olivia books and bestselling humorist David Sedaris.

Sedaris and Falconer make a spectacular splash with this tale of a monster turned ugly — stuck with a human face!

In this beautifully gross picture book, Anna Van Ogre’s lovely monster face turns into that of a sickeningly adorable, rosy-cheeked little girl—and it’s not switching back! Can she find a way to stop looking like an ugly human and regain her gorgeous monstrosity of a face?

In this incredible story about beauty standards, owning your uniqueness, and developing self-esteem, nationally acclaimed comedian and perpetual bestselling author David Sedaris and renowned creator of the Olivia picture book series Ian Falconer come together to ponder the eternally relevant question: is true beauty really on the inside?