Hello, Tiny Bear


Author: Yusuke Yonezu

Introducing Tiny Bear, the star of a new board book series from Yosuke Yonezu! Climbing is fun, but Tiny Bear must learn to watch where—and who—he climbs in this sweet story that ends with a cuddle from Mama.

Tiny Bear loves to climb, even when he isn’t sure what’s up there. In this fun and sweet story kicking off a new board book series full of social-emotional learning for toddlers, Tiny Bear meets several animals of the forest as he clambers up all sorts of trunks and legs. He climbs up a flamingo’s neck, an elephant’s trunk, a giraffe’s legs, and a snake’s body—and oh no! The snake is hungry. It’s Mama bear to the rescue in the book’s only lift-the-flap moment, when Tiny Bear learns that climbing up to snuggle a parent can be the best adventure of all.