Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers


Author: Uma Mishra-Newbery


Illustrator: Rebecca Green



A courageous girl follows her dream of learning to fly in this beautifully illustrated story inspired by formerly imprisoned human rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, perfect for Malala's Magic Pencil fans.

Loujain watches her beloved baba attach his feather wings and fly each morning, but her own dreams of flying face a big obstacle: only boys, not girls, are allowed to fly in her country. Yet despite the taunts of her classmates, she is determined to learn to do it-especially because Loujain loves colors, and only by flying will she be able to see the color-filled field of sunflowers her baba has told her about. Eventually, Loujain's impossible dream becomes reality-inspiring other girls to dare to learn to fly.