Sea Lions in the Parking Lot: Animals on the Move in a Time of Pandemic


Author: Lenora Todaro


Illustrator: Annika Siems

What would happen if people all around the world stayed inside, away from animals' habitats?

With the skies, roads, and waterways clear and quiet during the COVID-19 pandemic, the natural world seemed to return to an earlier, wilder state.

Animals crossed boundaries that people had set over centuries, reclaiming ancient habitats. From sea lions who clambered into a parking lot in Argentina, deer who wandered in the Tokyo subway, lions lounging in the middle of African roads, kangaroos who bounced through a shopping district in Adelaide, Australia.

This thoroughly researched, stunningly illustrated book tells the stories of these newly footloose creatures -- and describes what the COVID-19 "pause" taught scientists about how ecosystems and wildlife can rebound if the right environmental conditions are achieved.