The Ogre in the Hall


The Ogre in the Hall will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is August 8, 2023

Author: Céline Sorin

Illustrator: Pascal Lemaître

Estimated Ship Date: August 8, 2023

Jojo needs to pee. Urgently! But to get to the toilet, he'll have to meet the ogre in the hallway. Pascal Lemaître’s brave Jojo and adorable ogre will help kids giggle away nighttime fears.

It's late at night, and Jojo knows two things: First, he has to pee, urgently. Second, an ogre lives in the hallway, and he'll have to see him on the way to pee. Not an easy situation to solve. Sword in hand, Jojo creeps along the walls of the dark hallway. Finally he reaches the door, where he discovers that the ogre is inside and on the potty! Jojo tells the ogre to scram, but the sad and sweet-faced ogre is too upset! He has a stomach ache and yes, he’s also afraid of the dark! The mayhem escalates from there as more creatures appear, piling into the bathroom to hide from their many nighttime fears. Clever and funny with stellar art by Pascal Lemaître, this is a story that will delight children who love monsters and spooky stories as it defangs their fears of the dark.