Paper Adventures : A Rip and Glue Activity Book


Author: Aya Watanabe

It’s a perfect day to go on an adventure! Or it will be once you make the sun shine brighter, and add a trunk to the elephant, and—oh!—the crocodile needs more teeth. This tear-and-glue activity book is a wild ride through the jungle and to the bottom of the sea!

In this colorful, exciting activity book, an adventure unfolds as two explorers meet wild and friendly animals, chase butterflies, and dive to the bottom of the sea. But in each spread, something is missing! The elephant needs a trunk, the tiger needs stripes, and the monkeys need more branches to play on. At the back of the book are pages and pages of brightly colored, beautifully patterned pages for kids to tear into and glue to the spreads to complete the scenes. This activity book will help kids develop fine motor skills and inspire them to create art from what they have on hand.

Series Overview: We will plan to publish two of Watanabe’s activity books per season. Future books will include stickers.