Wrath of the Talon



Wrath of the Talon will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is April 2, 2024

Author: Sophie Kim


Estimated Ship Date: April 2, 2024

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The sequel to the “bloodthirsty, addictive, and searingly romantic”* debut from Sophie Kim is an unflinching roller coaster ride of action, romance, and intricate fantasy lore.

After a tumultuous stay in the realm of the Dokkaebi, Shin Lina has returned to Sunpo. Believed to be dead, the last remaining Talon is set on destroying crime lord Konrarnd Kalmin's cruel reign of her beloved kingdom, bringing waves of wrath and ruin in her wake.

Lina is no longer the girl she used to be—no longer weak, and no longer entirely human. She is a new creature entirely, and wears the scales of the wicked, monstrous Imugi...serpentine creatures who warred against the Dokkaebi and gods in a centuries-long battle for blood.

But when Lina's connection to the Imugi is revealed to be more than just physical, her alliances are called into question by those she cherishes most. And when promises are broken by her beloved Haneul Rui, secrets and suspicions bring forth a Prophecy and a hidden history that change everything.

For Lina's fight to reclaim Sunpo goes beyond vengeance.

Her fight is fate.

And she will not be denied.

*Quote from Axie Oh, NYT bestselling author