Saving the Sun


Author: Emma Pearl


Illustrator: Sara Ugolotti

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In this stand-alone starring characters from Mending the Moon, Luna and Poppa set out on a second celestial rescue mission, finding fantastical solutions and enlisting an assortment of island creatures in their quest to return the fallen sun to the sky—and set it ablaze once more.

After an especially sweltering day, the ocean sparkles and twinkles so invitingly that instead of slipping beneath the horizon, the sun plunges into the ocean itself.

When the sun sinks and loses its fire, Luna and Poppa’s yearly vacation on Summer Island suddenly goes dark. Luna knows the sun needs their help—the sky looks all wrong, and it’s neither day nor night! But it’s a big job to do all on their own.

To bring back daylight, they must think of creative solutions, seeking help from the local dolphins, monkeys, birds, and more. With the power of teamwork and imagination, can they find a way to return the sun to its rightful place, and set it ablaze once more?

This imaginative tale will enchant readers as Luna, Poppa, and their new friends of the sea, beach, and air rise to the challenge of fixing the sky once more and—literally—save the day.