Building a Beak: How a Toucan's Rescue Inspired the World


Author: Becca McMurdie


Illustrator: Diana Hernández

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The incredible true animal rescue story of Grecia, an injured toucan who was given a groundbreaking 3D-printed beak, inspiring not only STEM innovation but also activism, legislation, and awareness toward animal welfare.

In the wild, Grecia the toucan loved to soar from branch to branch and sing for all the creatures of the rainforest. Until, one night, loud voices echoed through the trees, sticks and rocks flew, and Grecia fell from her favorite avocado tree, tragically breaking her beak.

She was unable to move. Unable to sing.

Animal rescuers examined Grecia and found that she needed a new beak to survive. Though no one had ever made a toucan beak before, Grecia’s determination to live drove their search for a creative solution—an innovative 3D-printed beak. As news of her story spread, people of all ages around the world came together, finding their own ways to help Grecia sing again.

While witnessing Grecia’s determined spirit, readers will learn how this single plucky toucan became a symbol for the international wildlife protection movement and inspired real change in anti-animal cruelty law, saving countless animals from harm. Perfect for the young activist, engineer, or animal lover, Grecia’s triumphant true story will resonate with readers of all ages, showing how determination and teamwork can make an impact and create lasting change.