Don't Ask If I'm Okay


Author: Jessica Kara



Don't Ask If I'm Okay is a heartfelt coming-of-age story about overcoming grief and toxic masculinity by embracing vulnerability, love, and friendship.

A year ago, Gage survived a car accident that killed his best friend, Hunter. Now all Gage wants is to move on.

Gage’s biological father convinces him that ignoring his feelings altogether is the best way forward. So when his stepdad shows him a job opening in one of his idol's restaurants, Gage knows this is his chance to convince everyone that he is okay. He applies for the job, asks out a crush, and volunteers to host a memorial for Hunter.

But the longer Gage ignores his grief, the more it warps from sadness into uncontrollable anger that undermines everything he is trying to do and to be.

When his temper finally turns on the people he loves, Gage must decide what real strength is—holding in his grief until it destroys him, or asking for help and revealing his broken heart for all to see.