Pirate & Penguin


Pirate & Penguin will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is May 30, 2023

Author: Mike Allegra


Illustrator: Jenn Harney

Estimated Ship Date: May 30, 2023


A pirate mistakes a penguin aboard his ship for a parrot, leading to many hilarious seafaring mishaps in this sketch-comedic tale of acceptance and friendship.

What happens when a pirate, hoping for a parrot, stumbles upon a bird of a duller plumage?

Pirate doesn’t know that Penguin is a penguin. But any bird can sit on a shoulder and squawk “shiver me timbers”…right?

Laugh along with Pirate and Penguin in this high seas tale of mistaken identity and find out whether they’ll find friendship before somebody walks the plank.