Sleepy Happy Capy Cuddles


Author: Mike Allegra


Illustrator: Jaimie Whitbread

*Signed Bookplates & Certified Capy Cuddler Pin, while supplies last!*

Kids will delight in this fun story about a quirky animal, the capybara, that floofs and brings peace to the rainforest with cuddles.

The rainforest roars with squeaks and squawks, alive with a rumpus of animal noises. Can any creature get a moment of rest and calm amidst this horrible hubbub? Not until…the blurbly blowing of bubbles, the fwippa fwip of flickering ears, and the shookita shimmy of a shaking booty bottom announce the arrival of the largest, friendliest rodent around (which really exists in the wild) who calls for something new: cuddles!

But, the animals wonder, can cuddles de-harden a shell? Don’t they look weird? Will that closeness feel uncomfortable? Capy has gentle answers to all these questions, helping every cuddler feel safe and happy. Because when others feel happy, the capy feels happy too. And when capy is happy, she floofs!

Curl up with this book and learn that no matter how you do it, everyone can appreciate a cuddle.