Merry Witchmas


Author: Petrell Ozbay and Tess LaBella

Illustrator: Sonya Abby

Ginger the Halloween witch has a big Christmas wish-a visit from Santa Claus. But Santa doesn't believe in witches-until Ginger's letter to him magically appears on his desk!

Ginger is a typical witch. She spends a lot of her time creating spells, and flying through the night on her broom. But Ginger is different from the other witches-because she also ADORES Christmas! Even with Ginger's good deeds and endless Christmas cheer, she's never received a single visit from Santa. What's a Christmas-loving Halloween witch supposed to do?

In this twist on the Christmas holiday's traditional "believe" concept, Ginger's wish of a Merry Witchmas comes true thanks to some holiday magic and good cheer.