Once Upon a Family


Author: Amanda Rawson Hill


*Signed Bookplate*

If you could make a wish, what would you wish for? This novel exploring what it means to become a blended family—with a dash of magic—is perfect for fans of Rebecca Stead’s The List of Things That Will Not Change and The Anti-Book by Raphael Simon.

11-year-old Winnie feels stuck. She’s alone in a new town with a mom who doesn’t seem to notice how miserable Winnie’s new stepbrother and stepfather make her. One night, when Winnie makes a hasty wish, she nearly gets sideswiped by an odd bird, leading her to a strange oak tree with even stranger glowing leaves. Investigating the tree, Winnie discovers a nest of golden eggs with wishes inscribed on the shells. After Winnie accidentally breaks two of the eggs, the wishes come true. Winnie’s determined to get her old life back and begins sneaking back to the tree to grant her own wishes. But when she realizes the wishes are coming true in unexpected and terrible ways, Winnie must find a way to fix everything. . . .