Jurassic Classics: The Presidential Masters of Prehistory (Sale)

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Author: Saskia Lacey

Introduce children to American history with hilarious dinosaur mashups of historical figures, including Thomas Jeffersaurus and Theodore Rexevelt.

Deep underground, a mysterious cave of stone tablets has been discovered, and researchers are working frantically to investigate a treasury of Prehistoric American artifacts. In this collection, you will uncover the real stories of six legendary dinosaur leaders. Meet the greatest presidential heroes of ancient history:

George Washingdonyx, a baryonyx who led a brave new world

Thomas Jeffersaurus, the prehistoric pen of the revolution

Andrew Jaxceratops, a creature from the wild frontier who won over the herd

Abraham Lincolnator, the humble dinosaur who united the continents

Theodore Rexevelt, a determined tyrannosaur who clawed his way to the top

Franklin D. Rex, a savior in Prehistoric America's darkest hour

These are the legendary heroes of Jurassic Classics!


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