Tea Dragon Tapestry

The Tea Dragon Society


Author: Katie O'Neill

It's been over a year since Ginseng was entrusted to her care, but Greta still can't chase away the cloud of mourning that hangs over the timid Tea Dragon. Ginseng still hasn’t begun to grow new tea leaves, a clear sign that she is still grieving, and Greta doesn't know what else she can do to try and make Ginseng better.

On top of taking care of Ginseng, Greta is hard at work preparing the great blacksmith Kleitos’s test. If she passes, she'll get to move to his forge to become his apprentice. But if not...

Meanwhile, Minette receives a parcel from the monastery where she previously lived with her parents, and where she was training to become a prophet. The parcel contains a tapestry she started but never completed, and seeing it triggers a series of disturbing dreams in which she tries to connect with her ancestors but is unable to do so. Thrown into confusion about her path in life, the shy and reserved Minette struggles to stay in the moment and open her heart to the people who care about her.

Told with the same care and charm as the previous installments of the Tea Dragon series, The Tea Dragon Tapestry welcomes old friends and new into a heartfelt story of purpose, love, and growth.